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I'm Haley! Illustrator, Designer, Wife and Mom!

My loves include: art, dance, family, beautiful gardens, ballet, coffee, jewelry, swimming. . .and coffee, did I mention that?


My mediums are typically acrylic and watercolor paint, pencil, charcoal, and chalk. I love to draw and paint from nature. I have many a times went to the garden for inspiration, and plants are one of my favorite things to draw. People are often a subject of mine too.

Graphic Design

I use Adobe Creative Suite. I always start out with a sketch and work from my drawings in Adobe Illustrator. I try to keep it simple and clean. Not cluttered.  For brochures and such I love to leave "white space" on the page, this helps to keep it clean and easy to read. Kind of a pet peeve of mine. Ha! 


My blog entitled Handmade Home is where I share all my design stories and a little about my family.  My idea to blog really started when my husband and I purchased our first house. I thought it would be fun to share our story, and the slow transformation that well thought out design brings. I began seeing how being an artist applied to every area of my home. Good design can transform a space. It is also imperative for good living - order, calm, cleanliness, beauty, etc. We have had a blast fixing up our old, (very old!) beat up (very beat up!) house. I love sharing the before and after pics with you. A lot of our furniture my husband built and we designed ourselves too. We are definitely DIY kind of people and love learning and trying new things. To follow along please 'Like' our Facebook page. I hope you enjoy reading! Oh, and please comment. I'd love to hear from you!