Love at first sight

When I said hands I meant our hands (we have the calluses to prove it). But the really cool thing about our house is there have been many hands callused here. Built in 1832, it fascinates me to imagine the people who also crafted this place into a home. Even more fascinating is seeing the tangible evidence left behind over the years. For example: the peeling paint on the wall revealing all the colors and textures it has held, huge 19th century support beams someone cut by hand, or (this was cool), homework paper we found from 1960 when we gutted our bedroom (wish I would have saved that). Lots of history here as it passed family to family, person to person, hand to hand.

When we took charge of it in 2008 it had been vacant for awhile. Not sure how long exactly. We do know that the previous owners abandoned it and it was foreclosed on. It was never winterized properly so the plumbing was shot. It was stripped of all niceties (light fixtures, trim etc). There were areas where the wall studs were exposed because the drywall was missing. You can see in the pictures how bad it was. But despite it all we could see its potential and we really liked what we saw.

There was a point where my husband said "I don't know. Maybe we should keep looking." It was more my dream than his to redo an old house. He likes old homes too, though he may not have picked one that needed this much work. I whispered "we can do it" . . and away we went.