Our Bedroom

Next project, kinda simultaneously going on with the bathroom update, was our bedroom. The original layout of this was as follows: 9.5x 11 ft room with an adjoining full bath which was a 5.5x11 square foot space. Pretty spacious for a bedroom in an old house, however, as is typical of old homes there was no closet space. Not a good thing for someone like me with 30 plus pairs of shoes. Todd knew I had this fashion fetish when he married me so he was racking his brain on what to do. I wasn't too concerned. Growing up I shared a room with my sisters, so I was confident we could get by with dressers and maybe a wardrobe unit or something. Todd did not like that idea, so he ended up coming up with a plan. Tear out that bathroom and transform it into a walkin closet. At first I was like what! No second bathroom! That was something we dreamed of growing up. Three girls, two brothers plus mom and dad you can kinda see where I was coming from, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right. 5.5x11square feet is actually a small bathroom that could be better used as a closet, especially in a house that has none. So the demolition began. We tore out everything. Sink, toilet, bathtub, cupboards, drywall. I even tore up the flooring (ugly green tile yuck!) We measured the wall and cut out a lager door frame for entering our closet. While we had everything gutted like this we also replaced some wiring and chose some recessed light fixtures, perfect for a closet. Big thank you to my Dad for his help with that. Another fun time doing new drywall followed and lots of white primer.