Second Bedroom Floor redo

Ok, here are the before and afters of the little bedroom floor that is adjacent to the living room. It is a real wood floor we found under yucky carpet. Below is progression of photos. As I mentioned in previous post, first we had to scrap off paint and plaster that was spilled all over it. When whoever did the drywall they did not concern themselves with covering the floor. At least I'm guessing that's how it happened. We used a paint stripping agent, and it worked really well to soften the gunk. Came off easy with a puddy knife. Had to go over some areas twice. We are so happy with how it turned out! Progression of before photos:

 After! Not a great picture I know. This was before I had a digital camera. So I didn't know it was bad. Also, these are from spring 2009. The camera I was using did not have the correct date settings. I could never figure out how to change the setting on that camera. :)