2nd Bedroom Transformation

This post I will show pictures of the second bedroom and how it is today. We did use it for a long time as a guest room. On more than one occasion we were able to have family stay over and enjoy the space we had transformed. Unfortunately I have no pics of how it was set up then. Twin bed, small nightstand, lamp, wall shelf with books . . . maybe you can image it. Pretty simple. Then in 2011 my husband and I were blessed with our first little one. So naturally, before the birth, we rearranged the room into a baby's room. I don't have many good pics of the decor as it was then either. I painted the room a light grey color. Grey beard by Olympia. Made a sheer lavender curtain for the window, and painted a dresser white and put a pad on top to act as a changing table. It's actually the same dresser my mom used in the same way when I was a baby. A white crib, a rocking chair, cute baby blankets and baskets, etc completed the room.

We have just finished rearranging the room yet again making a space for our second child born last September, and this time I have lots of pics to show the arrangement and decor. I think this post could be useful to a lot of people, because it is a small space and we did our best to maximize the functionality of the room. Hope it gives ideas to people with tiny rooms in their house.

First off remember this angle of the room. That is the underneath of a stairway that leads from our kitchen to the upstairs.

It juts into this room creating some unique challenges. We decided to work with it and create two nook spaces around it. One nook we created by taking down the long shelf we had on the adjacent wall and cut it into two shelves that run from the side of the stairway to the opposite wall. Dresser underneath. Before I had the crib and dresser opposite each other on the two long walls that face each other, and the rocking chair was by the window at the other end of the room. But, by moving the dresser to this wall it opened up more space for a bed and their growing number of toys.

The angled space under the stairway we turned into a closet.

My husband made a bar that stretches across the opening and I bought two cloth organizers to hang on it. In the middle we have hung some of their clothes and jackets.

Behind the hanging units and clothes is a deep space to store balls and other toys, outside baby gear, seasonal items, just about anything. We put a piece of vinyl flooring down over the plywood floor piece.

Our fold down pack and play even fits back there. Course we have to bend down and get the stuff, but it works out well. A lot of the things we keep back there we don't use everyday. If I had to crawl down there everyday . . . I would not be happy with that. I like to exercise, but not that much.

My husband built a special bunk bed measured to fit the room. It uses crib sized mattresses. Perfect for our little ones right now and perfect for the space. I absolutely love this bed! Thank you, honey!

On the wall opposite the bed and adjacent to the dresser I painted a chalkboard. Love the chalkboard paint at Lowes! Whoever invented this did a great thing for kids . . . and moms! My two year old loves it!


Though this is a small space it functions very well. I'd love to know what you think! We are very happy with it and so are our kids!