DIY Toddler Bed

My husband made this amazing bed for our kids. I thought  I would share the plans with you. It is unique in that it is made to hold crib mattresses. More than one mattress you say? Yes! A bunk bed. Bunk bed for toddlers that is. Here is how we did it. I shared before about the kids room makeover we did (read about it here). They really love their room. Their room is small and a bunk bed is sooo perfect for the space. We found a design for a DIY bunk bed from Ana White. Her website is so cool. lots of great furniture plans. Check it out and see

Well, we loved her twin bunk bed design, but we needed it for our 2 yr old and 6month old. So we had to redesign the measurements, and we fashioned the lower bunk more like a crib. We started with the end pieces. The new measurements we used were 55 inches tall by 28 inches wide. It was very important that the bed be only 28 inches wide so we had to figure in the thickness of the boards. We were using 1 by 4 inch boards for the legs, so we had to be sure to cut the slats that went in between the legs at 26 inches. Then when attached to the legs the total width was a precise 28 inches.

Here is Todd staining a finished end piece.

Next we did the back section of the bed. The measurements we used were 55inches tall and 57 inches wide. The slats we cut at 57 inches long.

The front section of the bed is different then the back because there is a ladder. We also added two slates on the bottom bunk so as to create a crib design. There is really no way for the child to get in or out without help. Unless of course they decide to do a somersault over the edge. We have had no trouble with our son. But be pre-cautioned and build at your own risk (there is a reason they don't sell these in stores!! . . not safe for every kid) The measurements we used were 55 inches high and the slats we cut at 41 inches and the ladder opening is 13.5 inches wide. Also the lower bed we made to be 12 inches above the floor and the bottom of the top bunk is 15 inches down from the top.

The stats that the mattresses rest on we cut at 27.5 inches. I had fun doing that.

I also did some staining. :)

We used all the lumber and bolts and screws and attaching methods used by Ana White, just our measurements and spacing are totally different. There are other crazy parents like us on her website who have built toddler bunk beds and have shared their designs too! So we are not alone. Our kids love it and we have been using for a while now. Our baby is now 1 and he has never fallen out. Thank God. . .  and plus I sort of trained him to wait for me to get him out.

Like I said it works great for our space and our kids. They love it. Yeah, Daddy and Mommy!