Fresh Air

My family and I have been enjoying the wonderful warm spring weather. we spent a day at the lake with friends. It was so nice. Warm sun and sand and relaxation. The kids really enjoyed it. This was a first for us, being one of the first there on the beach for the season. It was so nice to have so many picnic tables to choose from! I decided to let all this warm air inside by opening my windows and kicking off my spring cleaning. Got a lot crossed off that list . . . just need to clean that oven still.

Spring has inspired other updates around the home. Like this sketch on my kitchen chalkboard. I drew this thinking of my trees that are budding and the blustery wind that has finally stop blowing.

Also, we have new paint on the wall in the living room.

We have been busy in the living room with many updates. I will be sharing soon a before and after post.

How are you all enjoying spring? Comment below or send me a tweet :)