HandMade Souvenir

Here is my souvenir from our recent vacation. Handcrafted jewelry. I just love the design of these earrings. The layers of circle shapes are interesting and diverse in texture. They are light and comfortable too. Also, my favorite shade of blue!


 The store clerk told me, as I was making my purchase, 'The company, Silver Forest, is a U.S. Company in Vermont. All of their jewelry is hand made, at their facility, and also by stay-at-home moms they employ.'

"Wow" I replied, "I love that."  

So, remember this company and take a look at their website to find a retailer near you. It really is beautiful jewelry and would be a great gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays, or just for yourself :)  


 I could be one of their models. . . LoL just kidding. 

I could be one of their models. . . LoL just kidding.