Prayer for Paris

I have always had a fascination and even felt some sort of connection with all things French. The love of Art, Food, and Family I can totally relate to. Even their social rules of addressing only family and close friends a certain way, makes sense to me. Recently, I learned that 50% of my DNA ancestry maps out with the highest percentage tracing to where? You guessed it. France. No wonder the feeling of connection. Some of you remember my kids and I like speaking French. We are still learning, not totally fluent, yet.

Last Friday as we all know, horrible attacks of terrorism happened in France's famous capital Paris. Oh, my heart breaks for all of those grieving a lost loved one. Having recently lost my Dad, suddenly, I can honestly relate to their grief, shock and devastation. The sense of danger and uncertainty these things bring on us can be unbearable. 

This pen and pencil drawing is dedicated to those suffering in Paris.

I find it hard to pray. I say God please comfort them, but I know the feelings of anger that can hinder. I know they are sifting through, confusion and shock and there are things they just don't want to hear right now from well meaning people. There are no words really, except maybe I'm sorry. The scriptures have have always been a joy and comfort to me, but in my darkest moments of grief they to seemed far off the mark of comfort.

I would like to say to those grieving: 

I am so, so sorry. You have lost someone. Your life will never be the same. You will always miss them and grieve for them. It is true, the saying, grief never leaves, but it does change. Don't worry you won't forget them either. You will remember their laughter, and all the things they taught you, your memories you will cherish forever. As we stumble along, open your bible and remember God did not want things to be like this. We are stuck in this place that is not Heaven, but God promises one day to reunite all his people in the place of His perfect will, Heaven. I do not understand everything. But, in the end I would rather be there with God then not be there. Remember, Jesus himself suffered as we do. He endured, also, (without sinning) the feeling that God had forsaken him. Be comforted, friends, that there is a God who understands and promises Hope! God bless you mon amis.

Card Prints are available at Fine Art America. Send to Paris with love.