Custom Furniture Build for our Kitchen

I wanted to share our latest build. Our new kitchen table! My husband and I are so happy with the finished piece. The story behind this Design is we have had many kitchen tables, and were still searching for one that function well in our kitchen space.  

We designed it to be the perfect fit in our kitchen. One of the best reasons to build your own furniture is you can scale it to fit the space perfectly. That is exactly what we did here. This table has a depth of just two feet and is 4ft long. Perfect for our small kitchen of approximately 200 square feet. No huge dinner parties here! And we are o.k. with that. (We have summer bonfire parties)

I just love the farmhouse, outdoor style of this table. Todd worked on it in his spare time, following the drawings we had collaborated together.

The legs of the table we used 4x4 boards we painted white. The ends are cut at an angle. The top piece of the table was a manufactured unfinished 2ft by 4ft piece from Lowes. Todd stained it using Golden Oak Minwax. He finished it with a coat of polyurethane.

Don't be afraid to build furniture. Custom furniture can really be the secret to rooms that function well.