Eye on the Masters

I did some traveling recently with my family. Road trip! It was a great time. During our voyage, we took a few time outs at roadside rest areas. I love Michigan rest areas. They are quiet and spacious spots you can truly rest and relax a bit. Much different from turnpike mini towns that have no where for my kids to run around in circles. The last one we stopped at on the way home was especially nice because it had a beautiful garden. Put together by Master Gardeners at Michigan State University. We soaked in the beauty, and my kids loved smelling all the flowers, running around in the grass, over the bridge, and eating out of the vending machine. Those masers did a great job. Take a look. We took lots of pictures! After all, we have our own yard to master, and a very smart person once said . . .  

“The Artist always has the masters in his eyes.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoy the photos!