2016- The Year Ahead

Yikes a new year! Wow, I remember when everyone thought the world was going to end as the year 2000 approached. Here we are 16 yrs later. The world seems totally different now, even just 5 yrs ago the world was so different then now. I'm missing some loved ones who have passed and that has been the biggest thing that makes the world seem so different now. I have found it hard to plan lately because life can seem so uncertain.  It is true challenges and changes come our way, some wanted others not wanted. As a Christian, I remember the words of Jesus, "in this world you will have trouble, but fear not I have overcome the world." What a comfort. That is our ultimate end in Christ. Overcoming. All the troubles, and challenges, heart ache - overcome.

I'm not sure, but I feel like this year will be a "finishing year" for me. Lots of goals that have been on the to do list forever (in every area of my life) will finally be finished! Yeah! It's going to feel so great! I can't wait! 

For my Art and Blog, here's some of what is ahead in 2016:


I am excited to be working with author Dee Farrell and illustrating the following titles:  Moccasin Song, Birds in My Bloomers.

Also in the works is new title from author Nicole Salzano. 

Fine Art Prints

Remember you can purchase prints of my work through Fine Art America. I will be uploading new artwork from three different series:

  • Sleeping Baby Series
  • Native American Series
  • Autumn Season Series

Room Reveals 

Lots to share about our home remodeling and custom furniture designs. I will be sharing Before and After pics of Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom, Master Bedroom, and Office.


We are doing big design changes in our garden. Soil quality, and easy maintenance are key factors in the new design plan. Can't wait to share with you!

That's just some of whats planned. There's lots more, but that is some of what you can expect.  Hope you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year! How's it looking for you? Goals, resolutions? I'd love to hear about them! Shoot me a comment below or send me a tweet :)