Handmade Doughnuts

My family and I have been enjoying this recipe from  Chef Savvy. It is very yummy and easy to do. I remember making doughnuts when I was younger a few times with my mom and sister.  

I recently have been re-introduced to the idea by a good friend who shared this recipe with my family. The last couple years once the Fall chill is in the air we have gotten together and lit up our electric deep fryers to make handmade doughnuts.

This recipe had me mixing up the dough more than once. It is a yummy fall treat paired with hot cider :) . . .or hot coffee, of course!

We just rolled the dough into balls because our kids eat the doughnut holes better. Also, I like to store them in a wide mouth mason jar. A mason jar filled with these would make a great gift too!

It really helps to have an electric deep fryer. It makes heating the oil so easy and there is less mess.

Try this recipe out with your family! It helps to make the dough ahead of time and have it in the refrigerator. Especially if you're like me and have little kids - everything has to be done in micro steps. LOL Get the recipe here----->chefsavvy.com

Here is us having fun making doughnuts!