Autumn Season Art Series

I just finished these watercolor paintings inspired by beautiful fallen leaves.

I mentioned that my family loves to go for walks in the woods. During our jaunts, the kids love to find us treasures. We have a favorite spot we visit, and it was just beautiful! The trees were full of colorful leaves

As we walked, the kids picked up their favorites, saying, "Look at this one, Mom!" They gathered piles for me, and I told them I would paint them. Here they are as promised:

 Autumn Leaves Watercolor by Haley Jula

Autumn Leaves Watercolor by Haley Jula

Nigh the closing of this season, I couldn't help but add some typography that reflects the attitude of the coming holiday.

I look forward to our Thanksgiving. The last bit of Autumn - our favorite season.

I am so thankful for all of you, my readers. God Bless you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Prints are available through Please contact me for purchase information of the original paintings.