One of My Favorite Christmas Decorations

My family and I have been getting over being sick. Right after Thanksgiving holiday we came down with the flu and bronchitis. Yuck. Well I have been thrown off track to say the least. This week has been hard trying to catch up.

Luckily before this "train wreck" we had our photograph taken for Christmas Cards. 

So at least my cards are ready. Now I am scrambling to clean house and decorate for Christmas. It got me thinking about Christmas decor.

So, I decided to share with you one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

The humble pine cone. I love pine cones and I love decorating with them. We have even made them into ornaments. Read about that here ----> Holiday Season Craft

So many options and possibilities with just this one thing. And if you live in the right area you can hunt them up for FREE!


Since my house is not at all ready, I did some searching for stock images to share with you.

I love all these ideas for decorating with pine cones

 In a coffee mug with pine branches


As a centerpiece next to fruit

These pine cones have been brushed with white paint for a frosted look. Placed on pine tree branches next to delicious fruit, this is a great table centerpiece idea! If only I knew how to make that fancy coffee for my guests (or myself). Oranges and nuts would also be pretty fruit to use instead.


As a garnish  

Next to yummy Christmas cookies and more fancy coffee! Maybe this might be hot chocolate?  


Hopefully you can find some pine cones in your backyard, park, or friends house to use in your decorating! 

More ideas: 

  1. Pile them in a large glass vase or jars. Sprinkle with glitter or fake snow
  2. Attach them to gifts along with sprig of pine needles. 
  3. Glue them to floral foam for pine cone arrangements.
  4. Don't forget to check out how to make them into ornaments--->Holiday Season Craft