Hand-Made Valentine Decoration

My kids and I had fun making this decoration for Valentines Day. We will be having a little party at home exchanging cards and eating snacks. It's fun to celebrate Valentine's as a family and to let each other know they are loved and appreciated. 

This is a great decoration the kids can help out with. My two did a little dance once we hung it up. Love their smiles! 

We used pink glitter paper, but any paper will work. Patterned scrapbook paper is fun to use for extra style :)

You will need: 

  • glitter paper (or other fun Scrapbooking paper) 
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • yarn or ribbon

Cut out Hearts or whatever shapes your kids want to. (You can add the hearts if they are to little to cut them out). Then hot glue them to the yarn or ribbon. Make sure to glue them across the upper top of the shapes so they don't turn or flip on the yarn. I used tape to hang it on a shelf in our kitchen. Have a Happy Valentines Day! 

 Heart garland in the kitchen. 

Heart garland in the kitchen.