Custom Accessories - DIY Decor ideas

This post I'm sharing some ideas for decorating that you can customize to match your room and taste perfectly. With some planning these ideas can pull a room together and keep the decor unified.  

1. Paper Covered Containers

This container I saved was a Christmas present. One day I put some brushes in it and I've been using it like that ever since.

Of course Christmas only comes once a year, so I decided to cover it in some fun scrap-booking paper that matches my office decor. I cut the paper to the correct height then wrapped it around the container and fastened the ends with hot glue.

Now it doesn't go out of season and matches my color theme in the room. 

2. Painted Cardboard Containers

I love these containers! You can find them at any craft store and they come in all shapes and sizes. I like to paint them and hide necessities in them. For example, I've used them to hold movies by the t.v., baby diapers on top a dresser, things like that.

I used paint I had left over from when we painted our living room. I added some white poka-dot details. Now it will match the colors in that room. 

3. Painted Picture Frames

I collect frames :) When I see them at a garage sale I buy a whole bunch. I don't care what size or color they are, because I know that with some paint I can make them match anything. These I painted for my living room, with that same left over paint. I added a little white to make it just a little different hue.

You will recognize these things as I share photos of the finished rooms.  Our home is really starting to come together. Can't wait to share. Happy decorating!