Design Your Storage

This post I'm sharing a decor trick I used in my office. I love plastic storage containers, if you have some you can do this too. In my office I am using a stack-able four drawer unit to store supplies. I love the white and clear because its light and bright, but seeing through at piles of stuff is not very pretty.

So I thought to myself I'll get my handy, dandy scrapbook paper out to make covers for the drawer faces. I picked a pattern that matched my color scheme. . .

Cutting squares that fit the width of the drawer, I then slipped them in and tapped them on the inside sides of the drawer.

Much nicer to look at with all my supplies and 'stuff' hidden behind beautiful patterned paper! I am going to get a white and black pattern for the other two drawers :) At 30 cents a sheet, it's a pretty great way to decorate. Looking good in my office! Thanks for reading and commenting!