Caricature Self Portrait

I am looking forward to watching the Summer Olympics in Rio! Beginning August 5.

Yes, as a young person, I dreamed of being an Olympian. I love swimming. That was one of my things I did as a kid. Swim Club. The program was year round with short breaks in between sessions. Practice was everyday. I learned all the strokes, Butterfly, back stroke, breaststroke and freestyle. I participated in swim meets, winning ribbons if our club did well, and my personal time was fast enough. Fun memories and a skill I am so glad I learned. I still love to swim, although I don't get the chance as often now.

The upcoming Olympics had me thinking of an art assignment in college I did. Caricature self portrait. I dug it out of my archives and thought it would be fun to share it with you. This is me as an Olympic Swimmer :) Caricatures are fun to do. Exaggerated features with something fun thrown in to make you smile, because it reflects you in an exaggerated way. Back then it was the 2000 Summer Olympics. Amy Van Dyken was one of the names in the sport. I still remember watching her swim and coming in first to get the gold. She collapsed in muscle spasms shortly after exiting the pool. Swimming is defiantly a hard sport. Fast forward to now, I watched the qualifying meets, we have a very talented team of swimmers including the great Micheal Phelps. Can't wait to see if he makes history again. Regardless if he wins or not, he already has a legacy as one of the best swimmers who ever lived.

Have you ever drawn a caricature? What Olympic Sport is your favorite?  Are you rooting for Micheal Phelps, or do you hope someone else gets the gold? (I mean he has eight-teen already . . . just sayin)

If you do have a caricature drawing you've drawn send me a photo of it or post one to my Facebook page.