Coffee Conversation

I have confessed to you all, my love of coffee. My children know it all too well also. Every morning they watch mommy make her coffee, get them their juice and then we sit on the couch to watch cartoons. They sometimes ask for a taste, and I explain to them that coffee is not good for little kids. One day my daughter wanted to know more. "Why mommy?" The following conversation took place. It still makes me laugh. 

I laughed out loud when I said that to her, and thought, oh my goodness, I got to write this down. I also thought it would be a cute postcard, so I sketched it to share with you and keep forever, my daughter and I, our coffee conversation.  

It has been super hot and humid this month here in Michigan, I have had to give up my hot coffee every morning. No worries, I am still able to start my day, because someone invented iced coffee!! Yeah for someone! They saved all of our lives like me, in need of caffeine pumping through their veins, in order to have a pulse. Ok, I am not that bad, but I seriously do love coffee.

Well, here is the recipe for what I've been making myself. I added my chocolate mint I love growing. Brew your coffee as you normally do, let it cool, pour into a pitcher and refrigerate for iced coffee whenever you want. Todd is even getting hooked.  

Iced Chocolate Mint Mocha

  • 12 oz. cold coffee
  • 2 Tbls your favorite creamer
  • 1 Tbls chocolate syrup  
  • chocolate mint (herb) 
  • six ice cubes

In your favorite glass, add creamer and syrup, stir together well. Crush and tear 3 mint leaves add to glass. Add ice cubes. Pour coffee over ice, stir and enjoy! Garnish with more chocolate mint and another drizzle of syrup.


You can adjust the measurements to your taste. You could also steep the mint leaves in the brewing coffee before you chill it. Very refreshing treat. Hope you enjoy! 

I also enjoy iced coffee from McDonald's or Tim Horton's (or any where)

What is your favorite coffee recipes? Do your kids ask you about Coffee? 

P.S. Try using flavored grounds to make your iced coffee. One of my favorites is Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla.   

P.S.S. I have let them have a sip once or twice.