Home-school Syllabus

This will be our first year homeschooling. We just completed our first week. Oh my goodness I want to cry. My baby is starting kindergarten!! I remember the day we brought her home. We were so excited and soooo exhausted. I had no idea what I was doing, and yet I knew exactly what to do. Strange feeling motherhood brings. On a large, all-encompassing perspective so overwhelming, and yet, if you change your focus to moment by moment it becomes clear what needs to be done. Home schooling is a lot like that. If you start thinking about all the subjects, and all the things they are 'suppose to know', and all the universities they may want to attend it can be so overwhelming. Change your focus to the child in front of you, their interest, their personality, their cognitive level, etc, and it is much more manageable and clear what needs to be done now. The rest can wait.

That's is what I am doing. I am looking at my little girl. She is going to turn 5 this Fall. Yikes! Where did the time go. I miss my little infant wrapped in pink blankets looking up at me. Blinking and cooing and flinging her arms. Now I am watching her, knowing how she loves the outdoors and animals and doing things. 'What are we going to do now, Mom?' is a frequent question I get. Knowing that she needs to learn to read, knowing that she is eager and able to learn, yet also knowing she mainly wants to play and explore. So, knowing all these things, and after prayer, which I feel is important - after all, God is the one who has entrusted our children to us, He has a specific purpose for their lives, and He can guide us as to what their education should entail - this is what is laid on my heart for her kindergarten year. 

Bible Abc Curriculum

We purchased this curriculum. It is a 26 week study of the Alphabet. Each week a new letter is introduced, along with a Bible story theme for that week that goes with the letter. For example, D is for Daniel, and the bible story theme is Daniel in the lions den. This curriculum includes letter games, art and craft projects, handwriting worksheets and number and counting worksheets for each week. 

French Language Study

Yes, foreign language. We have been teaching our kids French words from the beginning. Little ones soak up language at this age. We watch French cartoons on YouTube and sing songs in French. They watch Disney movies in French, and we also have picture books in French where we 'point and say' words in French. We will be learning the French alphabet simultaneously with the English alphabet.

Animal Biology Science

Autumn loves animals. They fascinate her. We will be visiting the library and getting books on the animals she is most curious about. Learning where they live, what they eat, etc. She was also begging us to get chickens again. So we thought, ok it will be good for her to learn how to care for animals. She loves taking care of them. She is responsible for bringing in the eggs each day and letting them out of the coop every morning. She is learning how to keep them well cared for, and what they need to survive. She is also learning how animals bring sustainability to people.

Story time Book List

We have a list of books to read for Story time. Most of them we are getting from the Library, a few we own already. A list of 26 books one for each week, but it is slowly growing the more I find great literature resources.

Real Life Exploring & learning  

Our sit down book time will only be around 45 minutes to 1 hr. Giving lots of time for play and outdoor exploration. I will also be encouraging her interest in everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, organizing. She loves to sort things into piles and put them away. She loves to help Dad cook the eggs her chickens lay.  These are all wonderful skills for her to learn and start using now. We will be guiding her more in the kitchen, letting her turn on the stove and turn it off when we're done. We will be experiencing math by counting, adding and subtracting in real life. How many plates do we need? If two people left how many would we have?, etc.

It was a great first week and I am so thankful to God for this wonderful blessing of homeschooling, this wonderful little kindergartener and the wonderful future He has for her.

Here are some pictures highlighting our first week :)

 When your home-schooled sometimes your friends don't wear clothes :)

When your home-schooled sometimes your friends don't wear clothes :)