Art Walk

Last week I shared that we are in the process of moving. So besides moving mayhem and watching the housing market everyday I was so happy to attend two local Art events.

DownTown Art Walk

This event gave me the opportunity to demonstrate live for the public and display my work downtown. 

Art in the Park

This event gave me the opportunity to mingle with other artist and walk around with my very cute niece. 

 Booth of Artist Carl A. Quinn. 

Booth of Artist Carl A. Quinn. 

I was scoping this event out seeing if I would like to attend next year. The application fee is $25 plus a $100 booth fee. I like to see if a show will be worth my investment. Sounds snobby maybe but I can't help it. I don't want to waste my dollars on a low turnout event. I spoke with an attending photographer:

Me: "How has the weekend been going? Has it been busy?

Photographer: (shrugs) Its been ok? I was hoping for more. Support starving artists please!

We both laughed and she continued to tell me the $100 dollar fee she was hoping to make back.

Art is always appreciated. Any show that you attend as an artist will give you exposure to people who may never have seen your work otherwise. People appreciate you and admire your talent. But how do we turn this admiration into dollar bills?

I confess I am still figuring this out myself. 

 One resource I have found to be helpful is artist and business coach Ann Rea, who says, regular marketing does not work with Art because our product is emotion. As an Artist is is very important to know your message and what emotion you are selling. Ann Rea is a California based artist and founder of Artists Who Thrive. She does a podcast or video every Saturday related to marketing and selling Art. 

Traditional business plans just don't work for artists because our 'product' is emotion."

-Ann Rea

I've been following her and learning how best to market myself and my work. Here are some things I've learned.

As Artist we must:

  1. Know what we stand for and what we stand against.
  2. Ask yourself what is your creative mission?
  3. Celebrate your tribe, your target market.
  4. Communicate your mission and serve your tribe by creating value above and beyond your work. 

 You can get lots of free tips on her website:

Check it out and sign up for her next webinar. I know I will be!

Let's continue on this Art walk together. To success!